Platontic solids

I found this

  and knew we had to make one 😀 so at last weeks group that’s what a few of us made, but being in a group setting I decided to we should go for the simpler Tetrahedron shape, so a few of the families, (the rest running free in the garden) & I say families as the craft table always ends up with more mums than kids! got to making them, hmmm me being me I forgot to take pictures :/ but Little Lady & myself made a Icosahedron (yes I spelt that with out help 🙂 ) at home..IMG_2434IMG_2435We found that once dried the plastic stuff(I’m good with technical terms;)) started to peel off, so we ended up cellotaping all the edges.

IMG_2438sticking it together is somewhat fiddly

IMG_2439must use thicker paper/card next time and remember to score edges!

IMG_2429and have a little less help

See you next week 🙂


2 thoughts on “Platontic solids

  1. Hmmm …. I’m currently involved with the sound and lighting of a panto … and therefore have access to lots of lighting gel offcuts. And then if I was to hang a very low wattage bulb inside ….
    Hmmm, I might experiment with this once panto is over. Thanks for sharing.

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