See you next year :)

So today was  our last group of 2013. We had music, food, some games! and lots of noise 😀

IMG_2496IMG_2495IMG_2500Male snowmen are a tad crazier than the ladies!IMG_2498What to do with ripped up snowmen, throw it at every one!..not :/

IMG_2499It was a bring some food along and I was going to bring these along, grinchpoopoh these make me laugh, little lady really wanted me to make them brown, yes that’s her sense of humor, anyway she got her wish as mine turned out  like thisIMG_2510needless to say I didn’t inflict them on anyone. 😀

It’s been a good year, we’ve had quiet days ;), noisy days, new faces, old faces(! 😉 ) There has been tears and laughter, all served with tea, coffee & yummy cakes (thank you Jo)

So now I’m of to celebrate Christmas by, not doing much but eating.

We wish you all a wonderful, merry Christmas and an amazing 2014

Love Delce x


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