Mothers Day…

With mothers Day creeping up this Sunday 😀

and being inspired by Leah Bergmans post about Blooms in the air;

It was time to make our mums some crepe paper flowers..or at least we mums (& one dad) ended up making our own flowers ;D

2014-03-25 14.01.052014-03-25 14.01.172014-03-25 14.16.172014-03-25 14.17.042014-03-25 14.29.112014-03-25 14.35.022014-03-25 14.53.152014-03-25 15.00.09I hope you all get totally spoilt..or at least get 5 mins to yourselves

Happy Mothers Day xxx 🙂

a few extra Crepe Paper Flower tutorials:


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