Will there be glue?…

On my way to group today I walked past a mother and her son and he was saying “will there be glue” (it’s where I got the title from 🙂 ) I did wonder if they were coming to our group as I didn’t recognise them..they arrived 10 mins after myself 🙂 lovely seeing new faces.. There was glue and here is what they made with the glue and other bits…


Had a peg man inside this one on the way home


IMG_20140422_144243Snow monster in spring

IMG_20140422_144325Is wearing a bonnet

IMG_20140422_144414Peg leg

IMG_20140422_144455A nest.

today I kept my fingers clean and was forced to eat biscuits…. 😉

IMG_20140422_144623See you next week 🙂 x


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