Great start :)

What a great start to June, we will be spending the month raising funds for Bite-Back a shark charity helping to stop shark finning and our first event was a lemonade and cake stand

DSCI0511Talking prices 🙂

DSCI0515Queue up ladies

DSCI0517OMG this was looovely 🙂 Thank you so much Joy 🙂

I didn’t get any pics of the cakes 😦 which were  delicious 😀

Chocolate muffins,mmmm Thanks Sally,  Jam tarts and mini cupcakes we completely sold out

DSCI0520oh I did get a cake in..a tad squashed but yummy nonetheless 🙂

A Big Thank you to everyone who came today, the children enjoyed themselves and I had about 4 come up to me and say they want to bring cakes and cookies to sell too, so I think we will be holding more cake and lemonade sales.. maybe have a little market outside in the summertime.

See you next week for Shark Crafts ( & probably more cakes 😉 ) including decorating your own Tote bags



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