Thank youuuuuuu…

All So much for the helping Little Lass to raise £85 for Shark Trust,


We had a lovely day this week beautiful weather for our Raffle, with beautiful Hand made donations from very talented mothers…Blanket & ducky, Vegan Cake, Felted Mermaid and her Pet Shark, Flowers, Massages, Reiki,and a Shark Neckalce. unfortunatley our camera batteries failed and so we only have a few pictures of gifts and the tote bags the children made.

2014-07-01 13.54.42 2014-07-01 13.58.41

2014-07-01 13.59.07Klara &

2014-07-01 13.59.19Oscar

2014-07-01 14.13.14EMLS2014-07-02 22.47.56£85!! 😀 😀

Again Thank you all so Much and we’ll see you all next week  🙂 x

p.s. Shark Image via;


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