super messy day :)

Well thanks to the super Jean Van’T Jul over at The Artful Parent, this woman has given me so many ideas over the years,  Check out her pinterest

But today’s inspiration is on her website;

As I only found this last night I didn’t have time to find liquid watercolours and  every shop we went in only have gel food colouring so we went with poster paints.

2014-09-02 14.39.30I see a hawk

2014-09-02 14.27.462014-09-02 14.18.21

I do like grey and yellow2014-09-02 13.44.062014-09-02 14.30.132014-09-02 14.27.392014-09-02 14.38.292014-09-02 14.28.032014-09-02 14.17.182014-09-02 14.10.02

Why print when you can rub it over yourself two minutes after being cleaned! 🙂

Lots of mess today, but it all smelled nice 🙂

Have a great week and we’ll see you on the 9th 🙂 x

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