Gotta love Glue & the Rucksack Project.

After being away for two weeks it was really nice to meet up and see soooo many new faces today 😀

Now that Autumn is upon us it is time to start nature crafting with all those twigs, sticks, chestnuts, conkers and leaves, that our kids just love to collect! so todays craft was creating err “something!” from some of these collected bits and a dab of glue..2014-10-14 13.19.262014-10-14 13.20.012014-10-14 13.22.462014-10-14 13.30.492014-10-14 14.20.182014-10-14 14.20.382014-10-14 14.20.482014-10-14 14.49.442014-10-14 14.49.522014-10-14 14.56.562014-10-14 14.44.43That dab of glue I mentioned! ;D

Jake from Delce has been inspired by David Walliams’s ‘Mr Stink’ to help the homeless and is doing this through a collection of clothing, food and ruck sacks, to donate to the Ruck Sack Project,

So over the next few weeks Jake and his mum will be bringing a box to collect any donations.

So please bring along any spare bits like;

Sleeping bags
Woolly hats
New underwear
Thermos Flask
Tins of soup with ringpull tops (easy to open)
Energy bars
Basic first aid items (no medicines)
Pet food

Many Thanks and see you next week 😀

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