Some things to do at home…

While on Christmas holidays 🙂

I would of liked to have done this at group,  but after cutting one sheet out thought ‘you know what, we don’t have the time and a few too many impatient little fingers’   so here is the link to this charming Christmas scenery, (not my image as mine is still incomplete!)DIY_Paper_Village

go to Lia’s freebie page, there are LOADs more print outs  for you to enjoy.

This super star is on my to do list for next week,  its in Swedish I think, please feel free to correct me, but the images are clear and simple to follow.

If it gets cold enough (says the lady in three pairs of socks!) you can  make one of these;  🙂

Ok I think this might still get done at Delce, but until then have a go,

Astronomy project for kids: Make a simple constellation geoboard.

hopefully I will have my version of a super star to show you next week, maybe a constellation board, ooo could do images instead of favourite cat or Transformer mmm.

Have a Great New Year and may it bring you all lots of wonderfully surprising things

xx 😀 xx

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