Stoned googly eyes and no bats…

What a Lurrvly day

Silver Birch

Silver Birch & Blue skies

silver birch ...up close!

Silver Birch …up close!

So most of us were outside enjoying the sunshine or shade…strange peeps 😉

but others where making these

Top Hat

Afternoon Marrm

ET has returned

ET has returned

eye see you

eye see you

Alexander McQueen

Alexander McQueen


Alexander McQueen

Evil human cat I believe

Bad human cat I believe

Starts with T..?

Starts with T..? great drawing skills though


Woof Woof

Perfectly reasonable instructions...

Perfectly reasonable instructions…just no one could understand them!

Now it all makes sense… please feel free to make lots

See you next week hopefully with more sunshine but this is the UK so pack a scarf too 🙂 x


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